We're trying to get into High Sierra Music Festival!

Howdy friends!

We've sumbmitted our latest video, "Silas the Wanderer", recorded at Zerlang and Zerlang Marine Services in Finnetown, CA, to the band contest for High sierra Music Festival 2018! We would be really happy if you'd take the time to check it out and share it in the next couple days; on Friday April 13th they pick their top 5 (influenced but not dictated by fan engagement), then the public votes over a week to pick the winner. that winner gets to play the Vaudeville Stage at this year's fest. We really, truly and absolutely would love to be that band. We're picking up steam y'all and cant wait to keep playing great shows with and for ya.

As always huge thanks to our videographer Joel Booker for doing such great work. 

Cheers, heres that link:


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