rain that patters on the flophouse shingles / bodies lyin where it dont hurt / cause up is heaven and down is dirt”


Hollow Down is a genre-fluid enigma. They've been described "as if Tom Waits took acid and played bluegrass with a punk rock band”; throw in some Spaghetti Western flavor and a lot of heavy rhythm, and you’re getting close. The band formed in 2013 in Arcata, CA  to explore a different take on blues, folk and good ol’ greasy garage rock, and have evolved into a juggernaut of haunting rhythms, darkly relatable lyrics and musical twists. Frequent collaborations with some unexpected artists, musicians and poets see Hollow Down stretching their own boundaries, giving this rock band another level of emotional intensity and honesty while remaining extremely fun and danceable. After dealing with a bus fire while on tour in early 2019, the band is now located in Peoria, IL; after a strong first year including two sets at the Summer Camp Music Festival, the band is ready to spread throughout the Midwest. 

Earth Was Bare

Silas the Wanderer live at the Boatyard

Down Is Dirt - Live ft. Wil Gibson

Second Scene Magazine Article/Interview

Before heading out on tour in January 2019, the band sat down with Mike Ivan for an interview; they also followed up with him after the bus fire for an update. thanks to second scene magazine; it was a pleasure working with them and we hope to see more good things from them soon. link to the pdf file below:

Interview and In-Studio set at KHSU with Mike Dronkers

Click link for our set and interview with Mike Dronkers at KHSU

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Press photo April 2022

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