rain that patters on the flophouse shingles / bodies lyin where it dont hurt / cause up is heaven and down is dirt”


Hollow Down formed in 2013 out of various players from the Humboldt County, CA music scene to explore a different, darker version of folk, fuzz, rhythm, and good ol greasy punk rock. After releasing their first album on their own Had Matter Records in 2014 and touring New Orleans to Northern California in 2015, the band was largely on hiatus until fall 2017 when bass player Perry Brubaker toured the Pacific Northwest with  Poet Wil Gibson. Now fully reformed with old and new members, the sound is evolving into a juggernaut of haunting rythyms, gritty soulful vocals and some dynamic musical surprises. Stay tuned, new things are brewing....


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Downloadable Tracks for Radio or Promo (2014 Self-Titled Album)

Earth Was Bare 37.6 MB
Bum Gun 47.8 MB
Johnny 28.8 MB
Redemption 41.4 MB
Crack the Whip 42.8 MB
Midnight Stain 48.2 MB
Chicken Child 53.6 MB
Down Is Dirt 53.3 MB
EFY 67.6 MB