Last minute addition to North of 4th: Ryan Kroll!

Just this morning I woke up to a message from a good old friend who is coming up from down the coast to be a part of tomorrow's Arts Alive after party at North of 4th in Eureka! Ryan Kroll is a great guitar and mando player who has a unique but timeless take on Midwest steeped river scootin bluegrass. I haven't seen him in a few years and I'm really excited to catch up and hear him play again!  

If you haven't been, North of 4th is where the old Schooner (yeah, the old super-classy strip club next to the Shanty) used to be. Chuck has been working on giving the space a new life for a few years and its finally open to the public! I just dropped by for the first time, and this place definitely has the potential to be another great venue for local and touring artists, something we all know this area needs more of.

Cheers, yall! Show starts at 10, see you there!

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