On Hibernation and Planning an Epic Tour

All the heads of the hydra have gone to different corners of California for the fall to rally, regroup and get ourselves ready for 2019; we're taking the show and crew on the road for six months in Attie Bus, Breckin and Perry's full time home of the last three years! Those two have been hard at work giving her a makeover and turning her into a woodie, and have started the process of converting her to sleep 6-8 while on the road. We could'nt be more excited to be a living breathing band on the road and hope y'all stay tuned and come see us when we get to your neck of the woods!

In the meantime, we're anxiously awaiting the debut of Violet Crabtree's video for the album cut of Silas the Wanderer. It's showing all signs as being gloriously and weirdly Hollow Down and we couldn't have put a song in better hands for our first themed video. We'll be dropping that sometime in November!

Oh, and here's a link to our Bandcamp, where you can download the new Live at Siren's Song Tavern album! Mr. Martyr worked really, really hard on mixing that and we couldn't thank Chris Perreira more for doing such a great job on the board. We hope you enjoy!


We hope you're all having a great fall and we'll be back soon with tour dates and more!

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