Its Tour Time!!

Its hard to believe the New Year is upon us and we're about to embark on what is for us an unprecedented, six-month, nationwide tour on Attie bus!! We've all been hard at work in our own little corners of California fundraising, prepping, writing and planning to make this thing fly; we're really excited to be bringing Hollow Down to such a big cross section of the U.S. and expanding our little HD family. If you know anyone we should link up with or anywhere we should play along the way we welcome any input; our calendar will be constantly updating as we keep booking more shows and rounding out our schedule. Stay tuned. Huuuuuuge thanks to Breckin for all her hard work on all of the logistics, research and booking thus far. 

This whole thing has been called "insane", "cockamamie", and "hare-brained" at various points, and on face value its hard to argue with that; however we think following our dreams with this band is about the most sane thing we could do in this crazy world we live in. We've all punched other people's clocks and scraped by for things we were far less passionate about; its time to do something we feel in our bones. Hollow Down started as a daydream of a sound and has evolved into something bigger than any of us, and for that we're incredibly grateful.

Next Monday, New Years' Eve, kicks things off at the Minipex at Richard's Goat, followed by shows in Willits, Santa Rosa, Bolinas, all over the bay and working our way South. We really hope you'll join us and/or help spread the word to people who we should meet along the way. 

Speaking of NYE, its gonna be a blast! We have our friends Belles of the Levee and CV joining, as well as our resident poet Wil Gibson; we'll also be doing a screening of Violet Crabtree's amazing video for Silas the Wanderer and doing pre-sales for our upcoming vinyl pressing of the original self-titled album!! Come help send us off in style; we promise it will be an evening to remember. 

Cheers y'all, here we go!

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