R.I.P. Attie Bus: Tour is cancelled

As many of you know by now, our beloved bus burned to the ground and we have officially cancelled the planned tour. Here’s today’s update:


Wow, y’all; thank you so, so much for all the love, support and generosity over the past couple days. I’m tearing up (again) as I write this because everyone has been so incredibly kind to us. Thanks again to Joel Booker for making the Gofundme page; if you want to share the link or donate it really is helping us get back on our feet.  Here’s the link:




So many people have been asking what happened, and the real answer is we still don’t know 100%. The likely culprit seems so be a blown turbocharger leaking oil on the exhaust and catching fire. What we do know is that while driving on highway 198, in the middle of nowhere, things started going really wrong. We started losing our power while going uphill, noticed a lot of thick smoke coming from the rear and rapidly rising engine temperatures on a fairly narrow road with no shoulder. By the time we could safely stop there was a fire in the engine compartment. The systems were failing and we barely got her stopped before rolling off a really steep hill. We grabbed our fire extinguishers which were basically pea shooters in a war zone, ran back to the fire to try to stop it, realized everything was going to burn and ran back in. We grabbed what instruments we could, a few of our albums and got out before it got too unsafe. Then we watched her burn for over an hour until fire crew could get there, and another two or three until it was all over. Thankfully the fire stayed contained to the road, and the fire crew was eventually able to subdue the remaining fire and contain the leaking fluids. It was absolutely fucking intense.  

We’re all alive and well, including our animal family. The Salinas Red Cross came through for us and set us up with lodging and some money for food and essentials. We’ve spent the last couple days in a motel in Salinas as a unit, figuring out what the hell to do next. Tour is over, but we have a plan and we’re not letting this stop Hollow Down.  

Not today, Death. 

And so, we’re moving to Illinois!! Surprise!! The band is relocating to Perry’s hometown of Peoria to regroup, write, and work on the next phase of the band. Goose, Karissa, Breckin and Perry are headed there now until Brendan joins in a couple weeks. Mr Morehouse is chasing a gut feeling to New Orleans and will likely pop back up sometime in the future. We’re at turns nervous and excited for what comes next and again we are so appreciative of all the offers of support from everyone.  

Through the fire we rise. It’ll take more than this to stop us, goddamnit. 

We love you all.

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